RealPlayer Cloud for Windows
Media Player
with Cloud for Videos

The latest evolution of RealPlayer, "RealPlayer Cloud"
features a brand new, powerful and easy-to-use cloud
service for videos.

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RealPlayer Cloud for Windows ― Free
For Windows 7 & 8 | Version: | Updated: 2014/11/6
RealPlayer for WinXP & Vista | Mac OSX | Mobile
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Don't worry. It’s still RealPlayer.

RealPlayer Cloud inherits all of the great features of the old RealPlayer like robust video playback and video downloader.

What’s New? Cloud for Videos!

Think of it as your online hard drive and video converter that you can wirelessly access from anywhere, on all your devices.

RealPlayer Cloud for Mobile

Download and watch all the videos you’ve saved on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle.


Back up videos to the Cloud

Upload videos of any format to RealPlayer Cloud. We store them for you online securely, so you can rest assured your videos will always be there whenever you need them.

Wirelessly sync videos

Move your videos wirelessly between your PC, smartphone and tablet. No more wires, no more headaches with formats.

Play videos from the Cloud

Watch videos you've uploaded to the Cloud from anywhere, on all your devices. Don’t worry about whether it’s this type of file or that type. It just works, on all your devices.

Manage videos

Organize all the videos you’ve accumulated over the years, and all the videos you’ll collect in years to come. Keep them at your finger tips to watch anytime, anywhere.

Share videos

Share videos of any length with family and friends without worrying about the device they will play the video. Your friends won't even have to download an app or create an account to watch your videos.

Increase storage

Free up memory on your iPhone, iPad or Android by moving videos to the Cloud. There are options to increase your Cloud storage by up to 365GB.

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