RealPlayer Cloud for Windows
The New RealPlayer

The latest evolution of RealPlayer features a brand new, powerful and easy-to-use cloud service for videos. Don't worry. It's still got all the great features of the old RealPlayer that you've known and trusted for over a decade.

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RealPlayer Cloud for Windows ― Free
For Windows 7 & 8 | Version: | Updated: 2014/11/6
RealPlayer for WinXP & Vista | Mac OSX | Mobile
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What is RealPlayer Cloud for Windows?

Since its debut in 1995, RealPlayer has evolved into the most recognized media management software in the world. We started out as a music player for PC. Since then, it's continued to evolve into a fully featured multi-media management suite that plays, downloads, bookmarks, converts, and edits your media.

The latest evolution of RealPlayer features a brand new cloud service optimized for videos, and we're calling it "RealPlayer Cloud". For clarity, the Windows software will be referred to as "RealPlayer Cloud for Windows".

You still get all of the great features of the old RealPlayer like robust music & video playback, as well as video downloader. But now, you get a powerful and easy-to-use video cloud service. Just like before, the basic features are free. We’ll also give you 2GB of cloud storage if you sign up for a free account.

RealPlayer Cloud on Mobile

RealPlayer Cloud is now available on iOS, Android, and Kindle. Download and playback all the videos you’ve saved from your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle. If you install RealPlayer Cloud on all your devices, moving videos from one device to another becomes easier than ever.

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RealPlayer Classic
for Windows XP and Vista

RealPlayer Cloud is not supported on Windows XP or Vista. RealPlayer Classic available for these OS.

Free Download
For Windows XP & Vista | Version: | Updated: 2013/8/22

RealPlayer Cloud

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